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100% Natural Crystal Quartz Gemstone Glass Water Bottles (1 of each left in stock!)

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Crystal Healing water bottle is the PERFECT gift this year!

Crystal healing is a scared ancient science that is making a come-back as more people discover the powerful benefits of this practice! Each crystal has its own healing properties. Crystals have been used to treat migraines, anxiety, protect against disease, and much more! 

Trying to clear out negativity from your life? Pick a crystal and visualize that crystal's healing energy cleansing you with each sip you take. 
Uses for each stone: 
  • Obsidian- releases disharmony that builds up day-to-day, grounding stone.
  • Citrine- aids manifestation of prosperity, good for activating the solar plexus.
  • Rose Quartz- the love stone, strong vibration of unconditional love for self and others.
  • Flourite- prevent distractions, good for students and people who work with lower vibrations.
  • Amethyst- spiritual healing and growth, aids in beating addictions. 
  • Tiger's Eye- releases fear and anxiety, stimulates taking action. 
  • Clear Quartz- cleansing, can be used for any purpose you desire. 
Holds 18 ounces of water
Glass component is dishwasher safe, hand wash crystal, BPA free
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